Tuesday, May 1, 2012

List of programs to install/uninstall after a clean wipe

8 Jamadilakhir 1433H, Isnin.

Update: 13th Nov 2012M, Se. 20th June 2012M, Ra. 9th May 2012, Ra. 5th May 2012, Sab.

Assalamualaikum. Often i find myself writing on paper the list of programs i need to reinstall after a clean wipe (see post here, My experience upgrading to 12.04 then downgrading to 11.10), some other time just memorizing or writing on a whiteboard. After that install the list is usually lost or obsolete.

The easy way is to make an accessible and rewritable list. This is my list of programs to be installed/uninstalled in case of another upgrade/downgrade/format. Some programs are necessary, some are optional.

To install...
  • Audio Tag Tool

  • GIMP Image Editor

  • Chromium Web Browser

  • Inkscape Vector Graphics Editor

  • Kile, and Okular
TeX Live: LaTeX supplementary packages (texlive-latex-extra) via Ubuntu Software Center

  • KRuler

  • Screen Ruler

  • Synaptic Package Manager

  • VLC media player

  • XSane Image scanning program

To uninstall...
  • Gwibber Social Client

  • AisleRiot Solitaire

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