Thursday, April 22, 2010

How to install/open/run a "*.bin" application/file/program in Ubuntu

8 Jamadil Awal 1431H

Ubuntu newbie questions i faced:
- I've downloaded a file named ForExample.bin, so what do i do next?
- How do i install a "*.bin" file?

Unlike the Windows' *.exe file, this *.bin file won't auto-execute when double-clicked. There are few extra steps to do before getting the file embedded into the system.

1. By default, files are downloaded into the Downloads file. Move the *.bin file to your Home file, i.e., Cut+Paste.

2. Run the Terminal. Applications > Accessories > Terminal.

3. On the Terminal, type the command:
chmod 755 NameOfBinFile.bin
This is to make the *.bin file executable.
Then press "Enter".

4. Type the command:
sudo ./NameOfBinFile.bin
This is to run the file and install the program.
Then press "Enter".

5. Follow the on-screen commands.

This post was written after testing DouglasD's answer to the question "How to open .bin files in linux (ubuntu) ??".

Am facing sound trouble instantly after installing Audacity -- complete sound lost. Sound only exists when played in Audacity.

The previous remedy worked but silly me forgot to take note of the method and now the blog has moved, thus method is lost. Abang tried other methods and they partially worked. There's sound but the sound sounds bad, like speaker pecah (blown speakers).

Latest, Abang has tried updating to from Ubuntu 9.10 to Ubuntu 10.04 Beta but still the same speaker pecah problem. Even formatting from Ubuntu 10.04 Beta to Ubuntu 10.04 Beta *just trying* doesn't work.

Because of the formatting, some FireFox plug-ins are missing. So, for a page to display correctly, i need to install the missing plug-ins. Thus, this post/note.

Because of the formatting also, have yet to install Gimp and other programs, thus the picture-less post.